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21 05 2007
J.C. LaCroix

Hey there, Chief. I’m interested in auditioning….

The idea of building this shit up to be the grandest hype since Bridgette the Midgette prooved she could take 5 in the can gives me a big, fat, rubbery one. 🙂

Problem: No contact info on the site. Shoot me an email so I know where to send my plan and sample work? Hell, I’ll give you a few free articles before we sign on the line. Why? Cause I’m just that good.

And, in addition to great content — I can help you build traffic.

12 06 2007
Mikul C.

(would email this your way but can’t find any contact info either…)

Hi, just dropping you a line as I’m a major computer game nerd who’s currently working on a (computer game related) side project requiring a lot of writing on my own, and would like to see exactly what you’re looking for when you asked for writers about “video games”. I love PC wargames and flight simulators especially, and am very into the independent game scene that’s becoming better known now that “mainstream” games are going the way of Hollywood and the music industry for the time being. I love computer games and could write all day about them!

Not sure if I’m exactly what you’re looking for though, as I tend to shun “entertainment” otherwise as much as possible… Not much of a TV watcher, movie fan (besides some favorites), or into popular music, but I do love reading a good book. I don’t have any previous work I can send your way as it is, the stuff I’m currently writing is for the website I’m working to build and I haven’t written much of anything in quite a while before that, although I did win a “Best Game Review” award on an online game site back when I was a teenager ;-). Just thought your post sounded interesting, and if I can help you out please let me know. Thanks!


20 08 2007

The best new site for great content is… drumroll please.

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