Well known developers mystery game?

10 05 2007

Well, IGN recieved a strange poem from a well known developer which was indicated to be coded. Once it’s figured out, it will supposedly lead to details about a new “mystery game”. I’m not sure how I feel about all these crazy coded viral marketing ploys, but whatever, I still want to know some more about the mystery game. If any one can figure this out please post.




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11 05 2007
Justin V

WHOA… sick marketing.. I’m working on translating the Latin.–I’m bored

11 05 2007

Well if you can actually manage to figure that thing out we could both get a lot of traffic from it. As far as I know no one has figured it out yet.

12 05 2007

Interesting. I simply adore mysteries such as these. The odd thing in this is that there seems to be writing’s in various languages. I see French, Spanish, German, English, and even what appears to be Arabic.

The most important part of this is over on the right hand side next to the poem. It reads:

4 Lines
4 Symbols
The Fourth Age
Are We Approaching

And after a bit of research and examination, I have come to a conclusion. This is for none other than Sega’s upcoming game Medieval II: Total War.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that this game is already out on the PC. Now either they’re going to make this game for one of the consoles out now (i.e., 360, PS3, or Wii), or they’re making a sequel or something.

In other words, I have no idea and hope that I have clue as to what I’m talking about here.

12 05 2007
Justin V


I sent my videogame Enforcer aka Sean.., if he’s right he’s the man..

Also, there’s some Latin there, too, I started translating and ran into other lang. as well.. I thought the symbol in the middle was a roman/greek coin, but that one, fail to match any found in any databases.

On the far left, is the time 2012, or 2042, even after running it through photoshop it’s still a s fair toss up.. So I did 2007-2042 and go 35BC, bothing really cool happen that year, but maybe the game is coming out in 2008, which would give us 34BC–a more eventful year.. Cleopatra is named Hellenistic monarch at Alexandria. and Marc Anthony becomes Roman Consul again.

I still think the there’s a tie in to Rome, Greece somewhere..

21 08 2007

from putting together what sean said, and the 2012, granted i only put about 5 mins of thought into this. i think it’s a “end of the world” thing. 2012 is a date that the Aztecs and Mayans and other “prophets” through-out history, is the year that our world is going to end. perhaps a WW3 thing?

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