How blogs can compete with mainstream media by having more focus

3 05 2007

I’ve put a lot of thought into how a blog can thrive with the availability of so many mainstream media sources with much more funding and full time employees.

It’s important to remember that mainstream media sources like IGN cover everything. They are limited by the way they can present all this information, and they are limited in how much time they can devote to things which could be considered niche. In the entertainment world, mainstream media is in many ways limited to mainstream development.

People only check these sites so often, and the reason the magazine format has survived in the face of so much online competition, is because of that fact. It’s hard to get a sense of everything that happened in the last month, when the page is filled with things that happened in the last week. There’s simply too much information.

What blogs can offer is a highlight of the most important information. They can also cover things that would require too much risk or work for a mainstream media outlet to pursue. For instance, there are dozens of ‘anime’ conventions and gaming conventions popping up around the US. You can find all kinds of underground entertainment at these places. From finding new home made card games at anime conventions, to indie development featured at gaming conventions, there is a whole uncharted world of entertainment offerings that will more than likely never be mentioned in mainstream media unless they become breakthrough hits. How will they become breakthrough hits? By achieving exposure in the forefront of cutting edge news: Blogs.

It’s been happening in the past two years in a very big and recognizable way in political news media over the last two years, with bloggers posting things before the news networks even catch a whiff of it.

My dream is to see the same happen with entertainment, ushering in a new era that is the antidote to a spreading disease of too many franchises and sequals throughout all forms of entertainment. An era of the acknowledgement and distribution of original and groundbreaking ideas.



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