Do you like the new layout?

17 04 2007

We are experimenting with a different theme to find out what people prefer before we start to design the website for external hosting, instead of free wordpress hosting.

We need to know whether you would prefer a white or a black background. Also, would anyone like the font to be any bigger? We have had had a few comments about problems with readability.

At the present time, I am really in need of a graphics artist. After looking at the code for a few of the wordpress themes, I have decided I am perfectly capable of handling the css myself. If any graphics artists would be willing to work for free at the present time please contact. Also, if you have a great portfolio and affordable rates, I will be willing to pay a modest fee for some graphic elements.



2 responses

18 04 2007

Bravo. Much better then the old theme.

I personally prefer black backgrounds, but it really is hard to get them to work (you’ll notice very few people use them, probably for that reason). If readability is your goal, I’d say a white background (or at least something that isn’t black) would be best, unless you want to up the size of your text so you can actually see it properly on a black background.

Although your don’t always have to up the size of the text. For an example of a website that I think does a black background well, see here:

As for text size, I can understand why you may want smaller text on the main page, but I’d say it’d be good if the text size was larger when you click on an individual blog post (from the main page). That said, often font has a lot to do with text size — some fonts just don’t look good at smaller sizes, you so may just want to experiment around a bit. It’s your choice, really.

As for the theme, about the only thing I think you need now are catagories on the sidebar. Archives are good, but categories really help with navigation. Ie. Say I’m a ps2 fan, and I want to read ps2 stuff — I can just click the PS2 category and I’ll have instant access to all PS2 related posts.

Other then that, all you really need now is more content.

– Bruce

18 04 2007

One other thing.

If you could increase the size (or at least change the colour) of your text under your title (“ncensored discussion and review of videogames, movies, babes, music, books, gadgets and anything else which entertains”), that’d be good too since it’s a little hard to read at the moment.

– Bruce

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