Halo 3 Screenshots, Video, and Information Galore!

12 04 2007

Well first of all, ladies and gentleman, get your ass in gear and watch this absolutely fantastic behind the scenes video.

Now, after you dry your eyes from tears of utter joy, relief, and appreciation, (if you didn’t cry tears of joy either you don’t like Halo or you really need to watch that video again) consider what the information revealed translated to: hours upon hours of trash talking, slow motion video playback “SNIPED YOU FUCKIN BITCH” moments. Only now, you are officially going to have the chance to say “HEY ASSHEAD, COME AT ME WITH YOUR LITTLE WARTHOG” then as the enemy speeds toward you throw out a trip mine with the “mysterious x button” (action button?..) and cackle in glee as your enemies warthog flies into the air spectacularly and lands in pile of wreckage.


Moments like that are what you live to game for, when you can leave your enemy in a smoking wrecked pile while they vow silently in their heads that they will fucking p3wn you, or you hear them shout at you that how you killed them was cheap, because any time they get killed its cheap.

Of course, in Halo 2, there actually were many moments that could be considered cheap.. or at least could be considered moments where you didn’t have any real options. For instance, have a guy with dualies close behind you surprise blast you in the back in Halo 2 and see if you survive. In halo 3 however, press your super mysterious and powerful x button, and drop a cool ass little bubble shield down to take those bullets for you while you throw a grenade at the sap who tried taking you out.

Whats more is, not only will you be playing with vastly improved balance and the Halo 1 Assault Rifle, but you will be doing it on some very interesting maps. The maps in Halo 3 have been created to be asymmetrical. Meaning one side will be offensive, the other defensive, in many maps. In the beta we will get to see three of those maps -Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound. I like the idea of playing games where there are crucial control points built into the environment of the map. I also think its a beautiful thing that they have a lot more unique places….as in areas in the environment which can be named, adding to the ability to describe where you are on live, making strategy and the social aspects of the game so much smoother.

So enjoy all these great looking screens, and pray fervently that the Pistol will still be an equalizer but will no longer be overpowered or give any reason for noobs to complain.












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19 04 2007

Awesome. I cannot wait for this game.


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