Build it, and they will come.

11 04 2007

 new-york-city1.jpgI would have put a picture of Rome here, but a lot of you most likely do not know what Rome looks like

I remember when Imagine Gaming Network was just a twinkle in the eye of a fledgling gaming website called From those roots, it has grown into a network which encompasses many different forms of entertainment, in both print and online. So I built this site knowing that if you start building something, and persist, they will come. Now I want to know what will make you come back. Comment on this post with your ideas and suggestions. What would make the perfect entertainment website? There is nothing I will not consider.

My dream and goal is to become the most popular entertainment blog on the interwebs. I want to pump enough juicy content into the “series of tubes” called the internet, to satisfy anyone looking to inform themselves about entertainment. The goal of this website is to send all of my readers into the marketplace as educated consumers of every fun thing under the sun.

Recently, I have experienced a large surge of visitors. I would like to welcome all of you, and assure you that the pace at which this site will be updated will only be increasing as time goes on, along with the quality of the writing, the originality of the stories, and the timeliness of it all. Please bookmark this site and stick with me, you will not regret it.


I will climb the rock of adversity for triumph over my obstacles!…. Ah fuck it, just come back assholes.



2 responses

11 04 2007
Justin V

Write it, they will come. Just stick with man. Blogs like Fran Drescher’s voice will sorta grow on you, and once you gotta’em hook–BINGO. I’ll send some peeps your way. LOL.

11 04 2007
Justin V

One more thing dude, and I swear i’m done.. LOL Make sure you give the people to link to you site, when you leave comments. I had to go back to my history in my browser/Use Google, to find you again brah. Later

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