Put in the disc and play, with Halo 2 for Vista

9 04 2007

Written by Johnny Blaze. 

Credit goes to http://blogs.ign.com/MGS_HiredGun/2007/04/05/51370/ for this story. Go there for a great interview and piece about it. I’ll give a brief rundown of the gist of it, for the lazy, as well as some thoughts of my own about this.

Halo 2 for Windows Vista uses a new technology they developed called tray and play. Put the game in, press play, and it installs in the background.  Quit the game, and it will finish installing the next time you put the disc in and choose to play. Once the game installed, you never have to put the disc in again because of the new product activation technology. They claim that this does not impact performance. Although it remains to be seen wether this is fully true, its not really of big concern, since you can install the game the old fashioned way, before playing, if you are really worried about this being an issue.

 If you ask me, this is a great development, and I hope it becomes the standard for PC games in the future. One thing that I would have liked them to ask would be wether this feature is made possible because of Vista, or if it would be possible in Windows XP also, or even other operating systems. Since Halo 2 PC is exclusive to Vista, it’s hard to know.

Between this and the functionality revealed by screenshots of the new Live! for PC demo, it looks like a bright future for PC gamers is ahead. 



3 responses

9 04 2007

Looks very promising. However, will the average household CPUs and GPUs of today be able to handle it without the actual game lagging, let alone crashing? Because how can the game install and read the CD at the same time. The laser would be jumping all over the place. The only way I see this happening would be with a solid state drive like a flash drive or something. The testing rig’s specifications should have also been posted so that we know what our computers are compared to. Then again, this is all speculation, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate.

9 04 2007
Chris C.

I’m commenting on this just to bookmark your site, I love your hot babes collection! I love Halo too.

9 04 2007

It works the same as it works on the xbox. Halo 2 was already designed to stream everything, so it wasn’t very hard for them to do the same thing on PC, since xbox is essentially a pc. If you look at the specs of xbox, you’ll realize your not going to need the top of the line pc. Of course, Halo 2 vista actually will require a very high end graphics card to get all the bells and whistles, but I dont think there is going to be any real lag because of the streaming.

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