Inside source reveals new features in Grand Theft Auto IV

8 04 2007


I was fortunate enough to get the heads up from a source I can not divulge, about what kind of game play is shown in the second and third GTA IV trailers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince him to let me take a look at, or even upload these trailers because of fear of a lawsuit.

However, what he told me is extremely exciting. In the new GTA, there is a much more lifelike game play element. Cops no longer, automatically know where you are if they are within a certain range of you. In one of the trailers, it shows the main character running into an alleyway away from police and then ducking down behind a car. You watch as the police pass by you. It is also possible in this iteration to literally crawl underneath a parked car and hide. In the trailer it shows your man leaning out from underneath a car with a rocket launcher and shooting a helicopter out of the sky.

What this means is very significant. It means that their has to be a strong AI component to the police. Escaping them will become much more cat and mouse, than the one man army, finding a spray paint shop and the chase is off shtick of the previous games. It also means we can look forward to a lot more interaction with the environment.



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8 04 2007


9 04 2007

donkey kong is pretty strong

9 04 2007

ohhh i hope it is the trueness

9 04 2007


9 04 2007

sounds great. can’t wait

9 04 2007
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10 04 2007

I have read several of your articles, but i will leave my comment on your current post. The problem that i see with so many of these games that kids and youth play is: Kids are so moldable, that they don’t simply use it for “entertainment”. Especially when their home lives are so messed up and their parents don’t seem to give a hoot about what they do and yet they are CRYING out for someone to listen to them. . .someone to truly CARE about the issues they’re going through. . .the deep rooted anger, the lonliness, or the pressures that pile up on them that they don’t know how to handle because they ARE kids. SO what do they do, they tend to react in ways they see others react to their problems – in movies, games, etc. If they think that in the superficial world, things get better when these things are done (such as killing someone or running from cops when they are guilty of a crime. . .) then that is what they are goin to do as well. When a childs prime guidance in a home comes from movies, games, media, then sadly, that is where they gather their conclusions to answer lifes questions. Of course, i am not saying this is in regards to EVERY home a child or teen is from. I’m sure some can play games out of pure enjoyment and walk away without impact. I just feel for this generation of kids because i see so much of their daily pain. It does have alot to do with how much a parent is involved with a child/youth too and if they can be the ref to guide them to fun & reality. Thank you for the honor to share the tendencies that i see happening…

10 04 2007

godgirl, while I am interested to hear what you have to say, you left your comment with my post, not on it. My post was about new features in grand theft auto, not on the effect of games that show antisocial activity, on the minds of children. It would have been better if you commented on my posts about columbine.

However, I see your point. Your concern for the wellbeing of children who deal “deep rooted anger, loneliness, or the pressures that pile up on them” is touching, but I believe you are misguided.

You feel that children will recreate the ways they see people react in movies and games, but what you do not understand is that bad influences will come into the life of children no matter what a parent does to shield his children. It is the responsibility of society to educate those who do not have the knowledge on the correct example of how to live, and these games actually provide an opportunity for a parent or a mentor to sit down and open up a dialogue with their child about the appropriate actions.

It is also societys responsibility to not sell these games and movies to children not mature enough to play them or watch them without being affected negatively.

It is certainly true that parents should watch what enters the eyes and ears of their young children, but their comes a time when children become young men and woman and must learn about the realitys of the world. Games and Movies are artwork that reflect reality, and should be treated accordingly. They are a wonderful form of free expression, a reflection, much like a painting which can be of the good and bad in the human spirit.

10 04 2007
Justin V

Reason Enough to buy a PS3…

8 06 2007

Well, it’s always been my opinion that you are what you are. If you have homicidal/anti-social tendencies nothing can prevent that from getting out, other than total sensory deprivation.

So a monster will become a monster, the trigger is a moot point.

26 05 2008


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