Grand Theft Auto 4 looks fantastic

5 04 2007

Before now, I haven’t seen a trailer for a next generation game that made me this excited. Grand Theft Auto 4 takes place in a real representation of New York City. It is an incredible, well realized representation of the city too, from what I see in the trailer. If the gameplay mechanics of the game are as fresh as the graphics, we are in for a hell of an experience.

I really enjoy the idea of an immigrant coming to the city. It gives the game an opportunity for a narrative that talks about the city of New York from a perspective of someone new to it, as well as allowing for a rich past for the character. Also, Russians are simply badass.



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6 04 2007

just letting u know u pur grand theft auto 5 when it’s grand theft auto 4 IV is for for roman numerals V would be 5 so i think u should change that

6 04 2007

i actually forgot to post an actuall comment about the game and my comment is purly grand theft auto died after 2 and it’ll never be revived thats just the truth if your looking for actuall good gameplay that is and aslo the graphics really don’t impresse me one bit characters still look shitty and the enviroment doens’t look all to amazing for a next gen game i don’t really have high hopes for it but i can tell because it’s mainstream and people love the gay GTA series that it’ll prob make alot of money stil not making a penny off of me

19 04 2007

This looks awesome, thanks for posting it.


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