Is there hope for the PS3? You tell me

3 04 2007


No serious gamer with clear judgment, would deny the influence, prolificness, and the sure gaming greatness of the ps2. With the ps3 though, the jury is still out on whether they will be able to deliver the exclusive games, necessary to capture the massive amounts of casual gamers, which are the key to success in todays gaming marketplace.

It’s games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Naughty Dogs new project Uncharted: Drake Fortune, Gran Turismo, and whatever else Sonys internal studios come up with, that I believe will decide the fate of the ps3, and the speed of its mass adoption.


I also believe the ps3 must drop its price, before it has any chance of catching up with the sales of 360 and Wii. This kind of price drop would massively strain Sonys finances, but the price of the ps3 is simply too high for casual gamers.

This post is an opportunity for someone who has been closely following the PS3 to comment and tell me about a few games that look promising, and what they think will make the ps3 start to bring back the glory of its predecessors.




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9 04 2007

Your mother likes to digest mule semen.

9 04 2007

lol I don’t know about your mother digesting mule semen. But I do know that this idea that the PS3 will some how go down in flames because of their incredibly high price is a little rediculous. I’m sure Sony isn’t as stupid as you think they are. I’m sure they’ve planned everything far more than you have. While I don’t have a PS3 (I own a 360), and while I wont be getting a PS3 anytime soon, I don’t pretend to know what direction Sony is heading in. Or any company for that matter. And I don’t assume that Sony has never thought of all this rediculous non-sense before, like the high price and whether or not people will be willing to shell out $600 for the hardware. Or how little the system will sell until they release some quality titles.

Come up with something original and something that actually holds some merit.

11 04 2007
Justin V

During the planning peiod of operation PS3: None of you, all for Me.(I were about to get several PS3’s and sell them, 4 guys 9 PS3’s) anywho, we deabted about the Life and durabiity of the PS3.
Here were my reserveation:. 1 Sony only formats have historically failed(Beta, UMD, Mini-Disc). Hence my worry about Blu-Ray. Not generally accepted, not enought media to warrant a player.
2. Th3 Price- Yes will gamers are getting older and with that, we have jobs now, and much more disposable income. That’s a lot of money to fork over at once. It’s not overpriced as far as technology. I tell people all the time, you paid 299 for and Ipod and all it plays it music..599 for a massive all in one hub is not to much to ask for.
3. Lack of great software– I’m not saying Sony had to launch with the Mega Hits, FF, GTA, MGS, etc, but they needed a better line up closer to launch. I’m not paying 749(ps3 + Controll+ game_ to play NBA Live 07..umm no
I’m pretty sure WP is going to cap my comment length here.

11 04 2007
Justin V

Just one more overall point.
Here’s lies sony problem. Some people are buying a PS3 for games, other people are buying because it has Blu-Ray. The latter people have no intentions of really buying games. Software developers are going to get screwed, because they won’t have enough people buying software games. Which is a nightmare. Companies are not going to spend the Millions need to make a great game, if they can’t make their money back. They can’t make money, if no one has the system, not can they.

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