A Fair and Balanced Review of Super Columbine Massacre RPG

30 03 2007

Despite my hesitation of using the term fair and balanced after the term has been maligned by faux news, I went ahead with it. I went ahead with it because it is the best description of the way I will attempt to review Super Columbine Massacre Rpg. This is a challenging game, one that makes you think about your own prejudices and irrational thoughts about people. It is certainly a work of art, although its certainly not of the utmost quality. It achieves what I believe it was meant to; to renew peoples tendency for thinking about school shootings and what they tell us about our society, the way we treat people, and how we think.


The camera angle perspective of the whole game besides battles is overhead 2D. The game starts with you in your room, than going to your basement. You are Eric. Your accomplice Dylan meets you in the basement. Throughout the game you interact with items that tell your more about the event or give you some insight into the mind of the killers. You watch conversations happen that show some of the killers motives.

The rest of the gameplay is concerned with planting the car bombs, then going through the school and dispatching a great number of different school stereotypes. You run through the school killing jocks, preps, nerds, geeky girls, religious guys, outcasts, etc, with a standard rpg interface and an arsenal of different guns. As you kill these characters you start to feel your mind slip into what might have been the mindstate of these social outcasts who lashed out at everyone. It was as thought they were fighting an enemy in a Videogame. You learn that they did not regard themselves as crazy, they simply thought they were doing what was neccessary. The game also manages to give a perspective of the kind of pressure and reassurance they gave each other toward completing the goal they had set in motion.

The gameplay is not fantastic. The graphics are only barely passable. The writing has no flaws though, as far as I could tell, and the story is accurate and interesting. I would recommend to anyone who thinks they are ready to think about the psychological mindset behind this kind of school shooting. This is not a game you play because you are looking for a great gaming experience. It is worth the download for anyone, however, who is interested in the events, and believes they would enjoy an artistic interpretation of it.

I also think you should check out this Q&A about the game.



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