Johnny Blaze Weighs in on Game Informer

19 03 2007

Game informer isn’t by any means a terribly written publication. It also has achieved great popularity. So too, however, have taco bell and mcdonalds. They taste good, and they fill you up. Relying on those foods to live however, would make you fat and unhealthy, because they have very few nutrients.

Game Informer will not make you fat or unhealthy. However, relying on it as your primary source of information about gaming, is going to lead you away from a lot of games that you might otherwise get great enjoyment from.

I also have purchased game informer a few times, because a preview or news article they featured caught my eye. I will not dispute that they are obviously doing something right. However, primarily I think what they are doing right is encapsulating mainstream opinion.

A lot of game informers popularity, is tied into the distribution deal they have with Gamestop and EB. I respect their success as a business. However, I feel that publications like Game Informer contribute to the current state, of interactive entertainment not being viewed as a serious art form.

Perhaps they too will change as games start to be taken more seriously as an art. I predict that unless they do change, they will fail as many magazines have before, and be replaced by magazines which take inspiration from the now defunct Next Generation, or the currently successful, Play magazine.



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