The Borg is MAD

12 03 2007

Nothing gets the Borg more heated than magazines like


and douche bags that work at Gamestores.


Game informer sucks, because of the lack of open mindedesness by the reviewers. The magazine is tied to an average across all the reviews. What this means is that games that
are well worth playing, which many people may enjoy more than the so
called triple a games, are ridiculed and given low scores. Even if
the reviewer admits to enjoying the game, they are forced to give
low reviews to keep their reviewing average the same.

As an unpaid journalist, the Borg would kill to be in the position
these guys are in. They get exclusive demos, they
get access to any game, they are paid to PLAY GAMES. It feels as if
they have stopped loving the games and do it as job instead of a passion.

As for gamestore employees, they are usually completely biased clowns who aren’t even particularly knowledgeable about games, and mislead customers with incorrect information. The other day some particularly stupid motherfuckers thought they were funny by pointing at their dick and talking about how the Wii can suck their wee wee.

The funny part is, that was probably sexual frustration, more than it was a diss against the Wii. Maybe girls would suck their wee wees if they weren’t such close minded pricks.



3 responses

12 03 2007

Excellent point! It just goes to show you how big commercial companies destroy any chance of small independent free writers from getting any coverage. They are paid off heavily by advertisers to give biased opinions and watered down reviews based on what the media machine desires that month.

Basically big magazines just fund the status – quo and make it harder for real talent to get into the market. When will these monopolies let go of their choke hold on the competition and let some creativity and ingenuity come into play!

–©Teejay ROXX

12 03 2007

i definetly agree with you man gameinformer blows and they should def hire some new staff to the gaming corps people who don’t jerk around and actually like know games i mean half the people that work in those stores pretty much read those panzy ass mags like gameinformer

17 03 2007

Game Informer isn’t that bad. I had a subscription for quite some time. And you have to keep in mind that you can’t tell a business not to act like a business. They’re making money, and continue to sell plenty of copies, so obviously they’re doing something right. In all honesty, most of the games that I have seen reviewed in GI, I agree with their scores. Well, that is except for We Love Katamari, which should have had a 10 rather than that measly 8.5, haha. :3

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