Wanna PLay with Myk BOrj

27 02 2007

Yo the names myk borj and im a gaming prodigy. Don’t believe me? wanna play? Nah im fuckin with you. I’m a hardcore gamer, I aint too bad at em either. And by not too bad I mean challenge me and prepare to get p0wned. My goal is to let people know all the good aspects of games along with the bad. Some of My top genres are Rpgs and rhythm, but i play every kind of game. I’ll school anyone at The New Super Mario Bros(just to let you know).

My focus isn’t movies, but anything with Denzel Washington in it works for me. Besides Forgotten Realms, i’m not to big on reading either. I do like to learn new things though so Iim open to suggestions. So i guess i’m just a video game fanatic, but that’s what most of you are here for anyway right?

You can expect a lot of content from me about games. I plan on adding a lot of different feature articles, if you have any ideas email me at mykbrochill17@AIM.com. Some examples of features which might be recurring, would be for instance, critiscms of popular gaming magazines like game informer, Handheld gaming, videos of myself facing people in games, articles about games that have been overlooked by the popular press. etc.

So in conclusion, if you want to post any kind of score at a game, post it, i’ll record myself playing the game and the beating the fuck out of your score.



One response

12 03 2007

look forwad to hearing your reviews so far sounds interesting keep it up

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